LCI: Why Choose Us?

Knowing who to call when you need help is important. But equally, if not more important, is knowing that you can trust and work with the person you call.

You know what to expect, you know the value and quality of the work, and you know the person you call cares about you and your business.

There is no substitute for personal relationships in business. Having relationships already established saves you time, money, frustration, and worry.

LCI also values personal relationships over the delivery of just a service. Contact us today!

We are nationally recognized, experienced Safety and Loss Control professionals ready to support your business needs.

  • We have real-world experience with OSHA regulations and NFPA standards.
  • We offer ‘one call, one stop’ performance-based solutions in safety and loss control issues.
  • We value long-term personal relationships over a ‘quick-fix.’
  • We value you, your time, and your business.
  • We provide loss control support and supplement your culture and staff.
  • We value helping you improve your bottom line in total performance, profits, and people!

We Offer a Variety of Loss Control and Safety Services and Solutions:

  • Public Sector: state and local government entities
  • Private Sector: corporations, small business, non-profit organizations
  • Year-round retainer relationship that supplement and support your business
  • Management training seminars in safety and loss control subjects
  • Performance-based equipment and workplace inspection checklists

Safety services that offer benefits to you, your people, and your business.

Call LCI at 1-804-344-0009 or email