Loss Control and Safety

asse_consultants_badgeLoss Control Innovations (LCI) is a subsidiary of MCI that provides loss control and prevention programs with training, strategic planning, long range projects, and consulting. We are nationally recognized, experienced Safety and Loss Control professionals ready to support your business needs.

We offer ‘one call, one stop’ performance-based solutions for safety and loss control issues.

Loss Control Program Development and Enhancement – Evaluation and assessment of existing loss control and safety programs through on-site audits, inspections or surveys. Accident analysis and identification of loss producing trends. Benchmark analysis reviews and long range loss control plan development. more >

Management Training Solutions  – Management Safety Responsibilities, Emergency Planning, OSHA Requirements,  Hazardous Materials, Hazard Communication, Confined Spaces, Fire Prevention, Property Conservation, Premises Liability Loss Control, Accident Investigation Techniques, Others. more >

Employee Training Solutions  – OSHA General Industry Outreach Classes, Hazard Identification & Prevention, Fire Protection and Prevention, Practical Safety Strategies, Hazardous Materials Awareness, Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention, Manual Material Handling, Others. more >

Employee Communication Solutions  – Newsletter Materials/Articles, Paycheck Stuffers, Hazard Awareness, Safety Training Materials. more >

Employer Communication Solutions  – Benchmark Analysis Reviews, OSHA Written Plans, Long Range Loss Control Plans. more >

Loss Control and Safety services offer long-term benefits to you, your people, and your business.

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