Accident Reduction through Good Housekeeping

Housekeeping is not just about cleanliness. It includes keeping work areas neat and orderly and keeping aisles, floors and stairs free from slip and trip hazards. The removal of waste (paper, cardboard, containers, and used chemicals) from the work area is valuable in reducing accidents. Housekeeping requires focusing attention on important details in the workplace More >

Safety in an Office Environment

Warning! Hazardous Area! Construction site or manufacturing plant, right? How about an office? In addition to traditional office exposures, changes in office technology in the last 25 years have introduced an array of employee injury and illness sources. In most cases, the types of injuries are the same, but contributing factors have increased and are More >

Flammable and Combustible Material Storage Safety

What are flammable and combustible materials? Flammable materials can be found as solids, liquids, or gases. Flammable solids can be classified in three categories: desensitized explosives, self-reactive materials, and readily combustible solids. These are generally non-explosive but may ignite when exposed to friction, moisture, heat retained from processing, or a spontaneous chemical change. More detailed More >