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The MCI Model

Embedded in the MCI model is the philosophy that a single provider of a specialized service, such as medical field case management, is superior to using multiple firms. By restricting to one the number of firms, an environment now exists that allows the selected company to make the operational changes necessary to support the Program. The focus of volume to one company allows for a superior cost amortization of fixed and developmental cost for the client.  This equates to superior service and cost when compared to a situation where the service is distributed to multiple service providers. Simply stated, MCI’s Team Partner is expected to be educated on and compliant with the MCI Program standards.

The MCI model offers the following advantages over a traditional TPA-managed program:

  • The MCI model provides the client with an unbiased single point of control with a focus on managing all claim and support services.
  • National service provider contracts don’t always work. Service levels vary regionally. MCI Team Partners are selected on the basis of their demonstrated ability.
  • MCI customizes the Program for all Team Partners to meet the unique needs of the client, not the administrative simplification for the Third Party Administrator.
  • The TPA has established performance standards. The MCI model develops a set of uniform procedures unique to the client’s needs and the contract compliance.
  • MCI provides a model for continuous improvement. Based on the client’s changing needs, Team Partners must be able to modify the method of providing service.
  • MCI, through its quality assurance processes, identifies areas of deficiency and in coordination with the Team Partner, develops a rehabilitative plan for correction.

Failure of the Team Partner to correct the deficiency will result in the Team Member being replaced.

As the General Contractor, MCI can assist the client with the development of strategic initiatives to reduce cost and focus on customer needs.